PeerPlace provides our clients with a state-of-the-art collaborative framework that allows Ombudsmen, Administrative Staff, Regional Staff and Volunteers to quickly and accurately conduct their work. PeerPlace Ombudsman allows users to easily document all activities, collaborate as an effective team and provide accurate data that will aid in resolving issues faced by long term care clients of the Ombudsman program.

PeerPlace is configurable to meet individual state requirements.  Easily add and manage new grants and initiatives such as homecare and waiver programs.

State Ombudsman
• Analyze program performance and outcomes
• Generate NORS report (Aligned with NORS Next)
• Review staff activities
• Access to facility and case data
• Visibility into complex cases
• Enter media related activities
• Generate reports for other funders (Grants / Waivers)
• Satisfaction survey management
• Track staff training, certifications and background checks

Paid Regional Staff
• Record facility visits
• Enter case/complaint data
• Open new Case
• Obtain informed consent
• Enter case complaints
• Investigate complaints
• Track Perpetrator Information
• Formulate an action plan
• Journal case actions (interviews, record inspection, observation, etc.)
• Verify complaints
• Make referrals on behalf of clients
• Track referrals
• Enter case/complaint dispositions
• Enter and report on case closing details
• Enter other visit related activities (type and time spent)
• Record activities
• Enter data from volunteers
• Bulk Data Entry
• Produce regional reports

Ombudsman Software