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Case Management Software for Social, Human, & Health Care Sectors.

Empower your organization with PeerPlace’s comprehensive case management solution. Streamline processes, improve outcomes, and simplify compliance in one user-friendly platform. Manage client data, track services, collaborate with stakeholders, and make data-driven decisions to transform lives in your community.

Why Choose PeerPlace?

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4 Key Features

Case Management and Care Coordination
Streamline case data management, program oversight, and service delivery in a single platform. Seamlessly track the entire lifecycle of case management and ensure the success of service delivery. Build impactful and sustainable programs that cater to the needs of your community, both now and in the future.
Compliance Reporting
Ensure regulatory compliance and gain peace of mind with PeerPlace's comprehensive compliance reporting solutions for Community Based Organizations. Our software simplifies the process of meeting reporting requirements, enabling organizations to focus on their mission and deliver essential services to their community with confidence. Stay compliant, streamline reporting, and make a positive impact on the lives of those you serve.
Rapid Workflow Creation
Empower your Community Based Organization with PeerPlace's rapid workflow and program creation capabilities. Our software enables you to efficiently design and implement new workflows and programs, allowing you to adapt and respond quickly to the evolving needs of your community. Streamline processes, maximize productivity, and make a greater impact on the individuals and families you serve with PeerPlace.
BI Analytics
Unlock the power of data-driven decision making with PeerPlace's robust business intelligence (BI) analytics for Community Based Organizations. Gain deep insights into your organization's performance, track key metrics, and measure the effectiveness of your programs and services. With PeerPlace's BI analytics, you can optimize your operations, drive continuous improvement, and make informed decisions that positively impact your community.

Markets Served

Community Based Organizations
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We are committed to serving the unique needs of Community Based Organizations and the Non-Profit sector, enabling them to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and improve outcomes for the communities they serve. Our comprehensive CBO software solution offers efficient case management, compliance reporting, rapid workflow creation, and powerful analytics, empowering organizations to maximize their impact and effectively support individuals and families in need. With our solution, organizations can focus on their mission and make a meaningful difference in their communities.
State and Local Government
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We understand the complex challenges faced by State and Local Governments in delivering critical services to their communities. PeerPlace provides a comprehensive CBO software solution that enables efficient case management, streamlined reporting, seamless data integration, and advanced analytics, empowering governments to optimize resource allocation, improve decision-making, and enhance service delivery. With PeerPlace, governments can effectively meet the needs of their constituents, drive positive outcomes, and build stronger, healthier communities.
Managed Care Organizations
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PeerPlace is a trusted partner for Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) seeking to enhance care coordination and streamline community-based services. Our comprehensive CBO software solution enables MCOs to efficiently manage member data, facilitate seamless communication among care teams, improve care plan collaboration, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. With PeerPlace, MCOs can optimize care delivery, enhance member satisfaction, and achieve better health outcomes while driving operational efficiencies and cost savings.
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PeerPlace is committed to empowering Adult Protective Services (APS) agencies in their crucial role of safeguarding vulnerable adults. Our CBO software solution provides APS with comprehensive case management capabilities, workflow, and reporting functionalities that enable efficient and effective handling of abuse and neglect cases. With PeerPlace, APS agencies can streamline their processes, enhance collaboration among team members, and ensure the well-being and safety of adults in need of protection.
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We are committed to empowering Maternal Infant and Child Health Organizations in delivering exceptional care to families. Our CBO software solutionstreamlines case management, facilitates effective communication, and provides comprehensive data management capabilities. With PeerPlace, MICH organizations can optimize their workflows, track and report health outcomes, and enhance the overall well-being of mothers, infants, and children in their communities.
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We are a valuable ally for Ombudsmen dedicated to advocating for the rights and wellbeing of older adults. Our CBO software solution empowers Ombudsmen to effectively document and manage their activities, collaborate as a cohesive team, and provide accurate data to resolve issues faced by long-term care clients. With PeerPlace, Ombudsmen can streamline their workflows, maintain compliance with reporting requirements, and ensure the highest level of care and support for the Aging Americans they serve.

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